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Beach Home Inspections

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The Outer Banks is a geographically unique area that presents harsh environments year round. These elements constantly have an affect on the condition of our houses, be they older homes, rental cottages, or even new construction.  The rental market is also very hard on a house.  It is important for anyone who currently owns or anyone who is considering buying or selling a home in the Outer Banks to have that house thoroughly examined by a qualified and licensed professional from
Beach Home Inspections.


Mission- To provide an accurate representation of the condition of the house and its inspectable systems, at the time of inspection, and in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Board. 


  • Discovery- Do not expect to work with the inspector during the Discovery portion of the inspection. It is important for the inspector to be able to see the house with the least amount of distractions as is possible (given the circumstances at the time of the inspection).  A Home Inspectors task is to provide an accurate description of the condition of the property at the time of the inspection and therefore he needs to focus 100% of his attention to conducting the inspection and compiling a concise report. It is our policy to work without the assistance of buyers, sellers, and/or their Real Estate Agents, or any other relatives, friends, etc.  "Let the mechanic focus on his job."
  • Review- After receiving the report, the client is encouraged to call or email the inspector should they have any questions or wish to discuss the findings. From time to time, an onsite review with the inspector is requested by the client. This is understandable and when this request can be accommodated the inspector will instruct the client as to the time they should plan on arriving (after the Discovery has been completed).  During Review, the client will receive the benefit of the inspectors familiarity of the house (having just completed Discovery) and also 100% of the inspectors focus.  
  • Delivery- It is the policy of Beach Home Inspection to deliver the report, by email, the same day the inspection was performed.  Only under some extenuating circumstance (Power/Internet Outage, Storm, Personal Injury, Family emergency, etc.) will the report not be delivered the same day but the client will be given an explanation and an expected delivery date which will be in accordance to the Standards set forth by the NCHILB.

Company Profile

Beach Home Inspections is a local company started as a service for the home owning community of the Outer Banks...both near and far.

Beach Home Inspections is the Outer Banks only ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) service provider.  The company is built upon the residential construction experience base  of its founder Adam Blankenship.  Beach Home Inspections, LLC follows the strict mandates of the NCHILB (North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board) and is an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) compliant company.

BHI covers all areas of Northeastern North Carolina from Currituck County to Hatteras Village, and west to Columbia.  We inspect all residential properties including waterfront homes, historical homes, log cabins, and even new construction and  multi-unit dwellings.  We also inspect light-commercial properties. 

Our inspection reports are computer generated and can are delivered via email, or through the US Mail or by fax.  They have been received as thorough and fair and  are performed to the standards set forth by ASHI and the NCHILB.  You will usually receive our findings the same day as the inspection.  We are also considered very reasonably priced.

Member of: Outer Banks Association of Realtors, American Society of Home Inspections

A warmer winter home starts with closing the bathroom and the laundry room doors:
Put your hand on your non-operating dryer on a cold day.  It will be the coldest thing in the room because it has a vent to the exterior.  Bathroom exhaust fans do as well.    Remember cold moves toward warmth so these vents can create backdraft into the house so also take a look at the exterior vents and see if they still have a flap and that the flap is closed (while you are at it, make sure it opens when the fans are operating).

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